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Annual Conference

Annual Conference Activities

I’m involved in leading two activities at Annual Conference that may be of interest to you.

The first event is called, “Conversations for Emergent Pastors”, 1pm, Cleveland Convention Center Rm 212A. I’ve been leading this group for 3 years. The purpose is for pastors who are either exploring or attempting to do Emergent ministry in their congregations. Last year, the meeting took 2.5 hours before I cut it off. There was some really great sharing, networking and support going on. This will be another time where you can meet other pastors from around the country to increase your perspectives of what’s happening and what other’s are doing in ministry.


“Enhancing Worship through Digital Stained Glass“ will be held on Tuesday, from 12:30pm – 1:30pm. The purpose of the insight session will be to inspire those who are not yet doing multimedia in worship, as well as to allow those who are to show-off their creations. This is my second session. I invited Russ Matteson to be a co-leader with me on this one. He’s done some great multi-media work. From the submission that have come in so far, I think this insight session is going to be revealing in terms of the Brethren who are on the cutting-edge in the CoB, but how far their cutting-edge is from those outside the CoB. I’m hoping that this insight session will start another networking group of people who can inspire each other to grow and improve their art.

So, if you’re coming to Annual Conference in Cleveland, I hope you’ll drop-into these activities!

Jeff Glass

Books / Readings

My Short Book List

Oh, how I wish I had time to do more reading! I’m not the kind of person who likes to sit around alot. I learn better in seminar environments. Martin asked in a prior post what books I’m reading. Here’s a list of some of the books I’ve read and want to find time to read:

Living Your Strengths, Albert L. Winseman, Donald O. Clifton, and Curt Liesveld, Gallup Press, 2003-2004

Last week, I attended the faith-based Strength’s Coaching training at the Gallup headquarters in Omaha. It was one of the most energizing things I’ve done. I’ve been coaching people through my church now for 4 years in helping them understand their strengths for leadership and marriage (pre-marital counseling). This has been a good experience. Many young adults seem to like this approach to understanding how God has wired them much better than the traditional spiritual gifts approach. I’m recommending this book for the Annual Conference Bookstore.

If you’ve done the Gallup Strengths Finder survey, please let me know about your impressions!

The Relevant Church: A New vision for Communities of faith, Edited by Jennifer Ashley with Mike Bickle, et. al., Relevantbooks, 2005

This is a book with each chapter written by an emergent church pastor. It looks good. I picked it up at the National Pastor’s Convention.

Vital Signs: A Pathway to Congregational Wholeness, Dan R. Dick, Discipleship Resources, 2007 <just off the press!>

I attended a meeting at the Discipleship headquarters of the United Methodist Church this Spring. We were handed a copy of this book before it was sent-out to book stores. The author studied over 700 United Methodist congregations. From his study, he divides them into four categories: decaying, dystrophic, retrogressive and vital. I’ve not read the whole book, but it looks VERY interesting and helpful!

Web-Empower Your Church: unleashing the power of internet ministry, Mark M. Stephenson, Abingdon Press, 2006

For any of you who have websites or thinking of creating one, this is a MUST have! For more information about this book and the author go to Here you’ll find a video-streaming presentation about the topic.

They Like Jesus But Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations, Dan Kimball, Zondervan, 2007

I like any book by Dan Kimball. More than any other emergent author, I like the practicality of the information he shares.

The following are books I have, but haven’t taken time to really look at:

Just Walk Across the Room:Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith, Bill Hybells, Zondervan Press, 2006

The Power of Asset Mapping: How Your Congregation can Act on Its Gifts, Luther K. Snow, Alban, 2004

Systems-Sensitive Leadership: empowering diversity without polarizing the church, Michael C. Armour and Don Browning, College Press, 2000

Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures, Eddie Gibbs and Ryan K. Bolger, Baker Academic, 2005

The Gospel According to Starbucks: Living with Grande Passion, Leonard Sweet, Waterbook, 2007

The Blogging Church: Sharing the Storyof Your Church through Blogs, Brian Baily with Terry Storch, Jossey-Bass, 2007

Blessings to you!

Jeff Glass

Special Announcements

Trinity Jade Braught

Just wanted to inform all my emergent friends on emergent brethren that on Sunday night April 29 at 8:50 PM Trinity Jade Braught came into the world. She weighed in at 6 pounds 6 ounces and was 17.5 inches long. Momma and Baby are doing great and are now home. Kaiden (our 3 year old son) who wanted a brother in the worst way is adapting and will I believe grow to love Trinity. The Birth experience was amazing and God was in the midst the entire time (and Kim’s entire pregnancy- she had some trouble the last few months). She’ll be at Annual conference in July…so stop by and say hi if you see us.

God bless,

Also attached is a picture of Kaiden and Trinity