Everything -LowThis page is dedicated to our blogging on Brian McLaren’s book, Everything Must Change. The book is divided into 8 sections. Rather than having a dated schedule, I would like to propose the following. If you have read the book or are currently reading it, you’re invited to write your thoughts here. To keep this somewhat organized, I suggest that you add the appropriate “Tag” to your post. This way, we know what section of the book you are writing about. The following Tags are available:

Section 1, pages 1-42
Section 2, pages 43-76
Section 3, pages 77-118
Section 4, pages 119-150
Section 5, pages 151-188
Section 6, pages 189-226
Section 7, pages 227-268
Section 8, pages 269-end of book

I’ve not heard of book blogging together before, so I don’t know how this will work. Some of you might be able to get through this book in a weekend. Others of us are slower readers, or we’re just very busy keeping-up with other things. What I’m suggesting is reading an average of 40 pages per week, plus sharing your reflections on this page. Sound good? Any suggestions?

What to write about? What words in the book really grabbed or inspired you? How do you see this working-out in your life or in your church? How do you not see his thinking working? You can really write in a lot of different directions of how this book impacts you or doesn’t.

Are you going to see him on his current Deep Shift tour around the U.S.? If you are, let us know and let us know your reflections of the event. Some of us in the Pacific Southwest District will be gathering to see him in San Diego on March 28-29. If you’d like to come West for this event, let me know. I’m also organizing a visit to an emergent church in San Diego on Sunday, March 30th.

I’m eager to see your reflection’s on Everything Must Change.

Join the discussion!

Jeff Glass