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Annual Conference

Good to meet…

It was good to meet many of you at Annual Conference this past week… NOW, PLEASE take some time to post and respond to posts here… it will make this a much richer experience for all of us!

 What’s happening in your context that you are excited about?

What book or books are you reading that you have found helpful and would share a synopsis of here?

What are your dreams for the coming year?

What are the challenges you are facing right now?

When can we meet again?  Where?

 What neat creative worship elements would you share with us?

You get the idea… now let us know!

Annual Conference

2009 Video Contest Announcement

Next year, the General Board’s Congregational Life Team is sponsoring a video contest to see who can best creatively interpret next year’s theme: “The old has gone! The new has come! All this is from God!”.

For more information, please take a look at the Video Contest Information Form and Video Contest Entry Form.

If you’re not a multi-media or video editor person, please pass this information to someone who is!

Please feel free to get in contact with me for any questions:

Jeff Glass


Pax Americana

Last night I was at home and flipping the channels (Okay I only have 6 channels to flip through) and came upon a documentary on PBS.  I believe it was called Carrier and focused on life on an aircraft carrier.  I didn’t watch much of it, being solidly committed to pacifism.  But I watched enough to hear some very interesting quotes.  One that stuck out to me more than any other was spoken by a 20 something guy.  He said something like, “We are here to bring peace.  Peace by power.”  Peace by power?  That got me thinking about peace and our world.  It also got me thinking about the Roman Empire and the Pax Romana (the peace of Rome) in which Jesus found himself living.   The Pax Romana was not a peaceful idea. In fact it was only brought about because anyone who spoke up against Rome or in some way brought “trouble” to Rome was severly dealt with. They would be crucified outside the town with the understandable message, “You mess with Rome and you will end up like this.” So the Peace of Rome was brought about through Violence…

So the comment last night reminded me of Rome and the empire. I began to wonder about the Pax Americana. How much of our peace as a country has been brought about by violence? Can peace be brought about violently or is that an oxymoron? I truly believe that peace is not done by power but by love, grace, service, and mercy. It’s about power under (service) and not power over. (Thanks to Greg Boyd for these words) True peace is only found in Jesus and can’t be brought about by demanding, fighting, and violence.

I then did a search on the term Pax Americana and found an amazing quote by John F. Kennedy.  I agree with him wholeheartedly, and I will work to bring about peace in our world (not just absence of war, but peace of mind, heart, soul, spirit, and in all of creation) I end with his quote. 

I have, therefore, chosen this time and place to discuss a topic on which ignorance too often abounds and the truth too rarely perceived. And that is the most important topic on earth: peace. What kind of peace do I mean and what kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, and the kind that enables men and nations to grow, and to hope, and build a better life for their children — not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women, not merely peace in our time but peace in all time.[3]

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Reminder About Annual Conference Activities

Here are two events that may be of interest to you, in addition to many, many others at this year’s conference. Please pass this information on to all your friends! Word-of-mouth is good publicity!!

The first event is called, Emergent Brethren Conversations, to be held at 9:30pm to 10:30pm, Monday (7/14) at the Marriott Hotel, Dominion Room. The purpose is for people who are either exploring or attempting to do Emergent ministry in or beyond their congregations. Like last year, this will be another time where you can meet other people from around the country to increase your perspectives of what’s happening and what other’s are doing in ministry. There have been some great posts recently that could drive our conversation for a good, long time!

The second event is an insight session on Monday evening called, Engaging Our Communities with Jesus. The purpose of this session will be to have three congregations tell their stories of how they are engaging their communities in a way that builds God’s kingdom and the are growing as a result. One of the congregations to be featured is Community of Joy in Salisbury, Maryland. Last Summer, this congregation finally got their own building, have promoted themselves well in the community, building solid relationships and are growing in worship attendance as a result. The other featured congregations will be Grandview, Garden City, and Mohican. This Insight Session will start at 6:45pm, Monday (7/14) at the Convention Center, B-15-C.

Perhaps a third event might be our networking with each other and finding a common time when a majority could meet for a meal and just hang-out. This may be tough with so many things happening. But if anyone desires it, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions of activities to participate in, please post them here!

Blessings to you,

Emergent Brethren Conversations

Marriott, Dominion
Monday, July 14th

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Some Quotes….

Here are some quotes worth sharing…

“Religious people have preferences; Missional people have stories” Bruce Wesley

“If you copy someone else’s vision, who will accomplish your’s?” unknown

“What causes exclusive community is fear. What causes inclusive community is love!” Hugh Halter

“If people aren’t asking about our lives, then we haven’t postured our faith well enough or long enough.” Hugh Halter

“The gospel is the tangible life of God flowing into every nook and cranny of our everyday life.” Hugh Halter

“People who only dream of community usually destroy it, but those who love people without expectation unknowingly create it.” Hugh Halter

“Missional people are individuals committed to forming their character and lifestyle after those of Christ and who are compelled to live out their faith in the context of a community.” Hugh Halter

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