Hey everyone, so sorry that its been so long since I’ve posted. I have some ideas in my mind, but haven’t taken the time to get them written down. I’ve been very busy in my CLT work. I hope to post my other ideas soon!

Anyway, next February 9th-13th, the National Pastor’s Convention will once again be coming to San Diego. I always enjoy meeting various Brethren from around the country to join this rich event. Do you know of anyone who might be coming? If so, could you please send me their name and congregation? In past conferences, there’s been up to 13 Brethren from around the country attend that I know of, and who came.

I like to host a dinner each year for all Brethren who attend. Its a great time to connect and reflect on our learnings. However, the sponsors will not give me information on who’s coming. So, I just have to rely on a sign at the message board, with my phone number on it.

So, if you know of someone, please let me know!