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A few CD’s worth listening to…

I find music so helpful in communicating the gospel… a few contemporary groups are doing a great job with awesome lyrics that make you think… I highly recommend anything Casting Crowns does… especially their new CD, the Altar and the Door.  And Todd Agnew’s Better Questions Cd is awesome…  I really am challenged by his song “Will there be peace?” and on his Reflections of Something CD… the song My Jesus is inspiring. 

 What music inspires or challenges you?

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A blog to recommend!

Hi all,

I have been reading Mark Batterson’s blog evotional for a good while now and want to highly recommend that you check it out!

He is doing some great stuff and has lots to offer us!

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Two Gatherings a success…

On Sunday, we made a shift that, in my experience is one of the hardest shifts for “brethren” to make… and that is to go from one worship gathering to two!  What an amazing group of leaders I work with… they were afraid and left to their own, would not have made the shift, but they allowed me to do what I thought best and WOW!  We went from a 10:30 mix with a heavy lean toward contemporary to a 9 a.m. traditional and a 10:30 contemporary gathering.  The first week we jumped in attendance by a little more than 50%!  I think that is HUGE!

Can’t wait to see what next week brings! 

 Yes, this shift means we have to adapt and sacrifice some valued things for gaining other things of value… we will have to do carry-in meals differently and we will have to work at community building, and we will have to depend on leaders to lead all the more… but all those things are doable especially when growth happens.  The value of growing the kingdom usurps all other values in my mind!

 Just wanted to share an exciting moment in the history of Community of Joy Church of the Brethren!

 For more info check out my blog.

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