In deleting old email from my computer, I opened-up a special CoB Newsline from March 12th. The Newsline feature article was on the proposed merger of the Association of Brethren Caregivers (A.B.C.) and the General Board. In the article, I read a quote from Eddie Edmonds, pastor in West Virginia and chair of the A.B.C. Board. During the presentation he said, “God doesn’t deliver us fully developed. He delivers us into the presence of possibilities.

Rather than quickly deleting this email, I had to ponder this thought. I think it was a “God-thing” to see it today. I love the idea that God delivers us into the presence of possibilities! I must confess that in my immature faith that sometimes I expect God to have something “perfect” that I need to search for and find. Yet, in my journey with Christ, I often find that great things come when least expected. I’m not searching for the unexpected blessing. It’s just a gift from God!

Can you resonate with Eddie’s words? Any illustrations from your life you care to share?

Blessings to you,