Here are two events that may be of interest to you, in addition to many, many others at this year’s conference.

The first event is called, Emergent Brethren Conversations, to be held at 9:30pm to 10:30pm, Monday (7/14) at the Marriott Hotel, Dominion Room. The purpose is for people who are either exploring or attempting to do Emergent ministry in or beyond their congregations. Last year, there was some really great sharing, networking and support going on. This will be another time where you can meet other people from around the country to increase your perspectives of what’s happening and what other’s are doing in ministry. I’ve been bringing this group together for 3 years now, since Brian McLaren spoke in 2005. Each time has been different, but helpful and enjoyable.

The second event is an insight session on Monday evening called, Engaging Our Communities with Jesus. The purpose of this session will be to have three congregations tell their stories of how they are engaging their communities in a way that builds God’s kingdom and the are growing as a result. One of the congregations to be featured is Community of Joy in Salisbury, Maryland. Last Summer, this congregation finally got their own building, have promoted themselves well in the community, building solid relationships and are growing in worship attendance as a result. This Insight Session will start at 6:45pm, Monday (7/14) at the Convention Center, B-15-C.

Perhaps a third event might be our networking with each other and finding a common time when a majority could meet for a meal and just hang-out. This may be tough with so many things happening. But if anyone desires it, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions of activities to participate in, please post them here!

Blessings to you,

Emergent Brethren Conversations
Marriott, Dominion
Monday, July 14th