I think as we begin this blog….getting it off the ground, it would be helpful to work at a definition of “Emergent” churches. So, what is emergent?

For me, emergent is about being non-traditional in our approach to ministry. It is about being missional — (That might need definition!) about the mission of Jesus. It’s about engaging our full self in the mission of the church, not just a place to go for an hour or two each week, but being the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. Being the heart of Jesus in the world…and by world, I mean wherever we are! Emergent is about being incarnational. It’s about an ever deepening connection with God and with other people. It’s about moving boundaries, removing walls, exposing others to the mission, love, peace, and grace of Jesus.

That’s enough to get us started…what do you think? What does emergent mean to you?