During these past two weeks, I have read 6 books that deal with the Emerging/Missional Church… There was Exiles by Michael Frost, followed by The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch and then Breaking the Missional Code By Ed Stetzer and David Putman followed by Breaking the Discipleship Code by David Putman and finally the two books that I want to recommend to you… Church Unique: How missional leaders cast vision, capture culture and create movement by Will Mancini (www.churchunique.com) and The Tangible Kingdom: Creating Incarnational Community by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay.

I hope to do a blog entry later this week on both of these two books… but for now, until I get time to do more indepth … let me encourage you to look at these two books.

The Tangible Kingdom does the best job of any book I have read lately of setting the stage for understanding what exactly is going on in the big “crack” that we find ourselves in and then it pushes beyond that to suggest a process for becoming incarnational and missional in our everyday lives!

Church Unique recognizes that we jump on the conference bandwagon or the imitate church x bandwagon too often and neglect the uniqueness of our own churches. Will then sets forth a framework for discovering what our Kingdom Concept as he calls it is… what specifically God has called us to be and do and then helps frame that in a vision frame that brings clarity and accomplishment as well as advances the vision. I am so excited about the framework that he puts forth that I inquired about getting some help from a “vision navigator”. I hope to blog on this too shortly.

Anyone else read these books?