A while back, I wrote about a bible study process that I was using in a mid-week bible study time… as a way of testing if it could be used as the “message” part of a new worship gathering for young adults.  Well, it is still going strong on Wednesday nights.  Last week, I used it with 18 Sr. and Jr. High youth and that went well and was positively received and affirmed by the youth.  So, today, I decided to use it in both Sunday a.m. worship gatherings.  It was the conclusion of our series on James… 5:13-20.  The process is to read the scripture passage aloud three or four times.   Today I read it once, a volunteer from the congregation read it and then we all read it in unison… I provided a printed version in the program and on the screen.  Then I asked the 5 questions and moderated the comments and concluded with a special musical ensemble singing “Anoint Us, Lord” while folks came forward to experience anointing.  It was a phenominal experience in both gatherings!   I think this process can be used effectively with all ages, all levels of spiritual maturity from longtimers to seekers.

 The five questions are…. 1. What do you like about what we just read?  2. What don’t you like about what we just read? (this one opens the window the widest for the Spirit to enter our midst!)  3.  What don’t you understand?  4.  What did you learn about God from this passage?  and 5. Regardless of where you are on your faith journey, if you applied what you learned about God from this passage to your life this week, what would it look like?

 I highly recommend this process for any setting! It is very spiritually enriching!