Hey, there’s a really interesting debate going-on at another blog site. Some of the writers include Alan Hirsch, Dan Kimball, Scot McKnight, and Andy Crouch.

Missional vs. Attractional: Debating the Data
What do the numbers say? It depends who you ask.

by Url Scaramanga & Andy Rowell

The debate continues. For the last two weeks, opinions have been fast and furious on the definition and validity of “missional” churches. It all began with Dan Kimball’s post about his missional misgivings. . .

If you would like to check-out this debate go to Out of Ur.

Does this debate touch any of your nerves or stir your passions? If so, please come back and share some of your reflections and how the Church of the Brethren (either as a denomination or your local congregation) works at being missional or attractional.