The other night I was reading the book “Emerging Churches” by Ryan Bolger and Eddie Gibbs. I don’t have the book in front of me but from what I remember they were writing about context. That to pastor missionally we need to know the context in which we find ourselves in, the changes that are taking place in our culture (postmodernism, etc..), but also to know the inside context of the church that we are in. I agree with them 100% but my question to them is…how…How do we begin to understand the culture and context where we are? So my question to you all is…. what things have you done to know your local context, the culture that we find ourselves in, and the inside the church context?

Something else that I am struggling with is this….how do you know if the context in which you are ministering is fitting with the content of your ministry? How do you know if the person you are called to be is fitting the context of where you have planted yourself. A member of Veritas ( our emerging generations ministry said to me… you need to figure out your calling and is that calling to the context of where you have planted yourself. And then he went on to say, “you have a few options… develop a ministry where you are currently planted that takes into account the local context, or move into a context that would connect with the type of ministry you want to develop.”

would love any and all replies.


Ryan Braught