Sunday night during our Veritas Core Group development time we were going over our Ignition Bible Study looking at Acts 6-8. We had some great discussion about those passages but then we came to a quote in the book and it blew me away. So I thought I would share it on this blog.

“When we examine the God of the Bible we find that he is concerned with the whole of creation. His purpose is to bring about his peace on earth and to establish the Kingdom of God in its fullness. He desires to see fallen humanity redeemed and the building up of the people of God. He is deeply engaged with his creation and drawing people to himself. Mission begins with God, not us. He has invited us to participate with him in bringing about the salvation of creation.”

This quote is amazing and to me shows what God is all about, what the gospel is, and what our role in sharing the gospel is all about. We get to participate with him in bringing reconciliation, and redemption to our fallen world. We get to help right the world. We get to help redeem the broken creation by taking care of the earth. We get to be a part of drawing people to God. It is an amazing responsibility but also an amazing privilege.