The other week Kim and I attended Netzer, which is a network of emerging leaders within the COB and from other denominations as well. I have only been there 2 times but each time God has shown up in huge ways at just the right time when I needed confirmation that this step that we are taking in planting Veritas is indeed God’s will.

During Netzer Kim and I read selections from a book entitled “From the Father’s Heart” and it spoke volumes to us. So Kim decided to buy the book for me for my birthday. Well she picked it up yesterday and as I flipped through it last night, it seemed like every entry as almost directed right at us. This book, I am sure, will help us on our journey. In the dark moments, I am sure God will speak through the words of the book.

Here is an excerpt from the book that speaks to me…I am sure it will speak to you as well.

“Delightful Deliverer!
You are not wrong to be stepping out in faith at the moment. Am I not the one who released you into this path by My very own words? Just remember not to judge by outward appearances. Also, refuse to retreat into doubt and introspection when some of those little steps you are taking seem to fall short of shaking heaven and earth. Bear in mind- it is first the seed and the sprout, then the stalk and the foliage, and finally the flower and the fruit.
Son, our Kingdom is an enduring one. It is built on a Solid Foundation– line upon line, precept upon precept- here a little, there a little. Our Kingdom is a quiet one, but an invincible one. Is it noise and fireworks you want, or power?
I have spoken these thoughts to your heart already, but I knew you would enjoy having them confirmed..Keep moving! I AM!
Proudly! Joyfully!

I pray that these words inspire you and encourage you as they have to me.