Annual Conference will soon be here (in San Diego)! How many of you are planning to attend? I just heard that as of today, registration is only about 1800 people. Thus, conference attendance will be really low compared to last year. But, this was expected. Besides, it’s on the West Coast, too. 🙂

If you are planning to attend, here are some activities that you might be interested in:

Emergent Brethren Conversations — Friday, 9:00pm, Pacific Salon 7. This is our annual informal conversation time, where everybody can share what’s happening in their ministry, what they’re exploring, how they see God moving in their midst, and ask questions. This is an informal time of sharing. There are no “presentations”, unless you have something to share. Please pass the word of this event to your friends!

Worship Music Celebration — Saturday, 9:00pm, Grand Hall. This is a different kind of a worship service planned to start shortly after the regular evening worship. It will feature three groups, video, prayer, and scripture readings. The first worship leader will be Lindsey Wildey, from Flood Church in San Diego. She will be performing contemporary praise and worship music. Next, James Washington and Best Friends will be sharing their African-America Gospel music. Following Best Friends, the praise team from Principe de Paz Church of the Brethren will be performing Latin-American praise and worship music. So, in addition to this being a different kind of worship service, it will also be a cross-cultural experience! It will go till about 10:30pm.

Worship at Flood Church — Sunday, 9am, 11am, 6pm and 8pm. Flood Church is less than 9 years old and has an average attendance of 1500 in San Diego. I have been participating with them since their beginning in many capacities. They now meet at Kearny High School, less than 4 miles north of the Town and Country Hotel. I’m planning to attend the 8pm service and would be happy to give people a ride. I can also introduce you to any staff who will be attending. You can view their website at This is NOT an officially sponsored Church of the Brethren activity. But, if you’d like to see some smooth video, a great band, and some good preaching, just let me know.

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Enhancing Worship with Digital Stained Glass — Monday, 12:30pm, Hampton. This insight session will look at using digital imagery in worship or websites, reflect on effective uses of media and show what some Brethren are doing. If you have an example of something that you’re proud of, contact me ASAP at [email protected]. I might be able to get it included.

If you know of people who are attending, please forward this information to them, or better yet, give them the link to this website and have them click on “Annual Conference” on the link in the right column.

Also, if you have any questions about where to, what to do, or where to eat, please ask me! You can also get information about San Diego at

Hope to see you soon in my home town!

Jeff Glass