For those not on my Veritas prayer list, I thought I would take this space to share some prayer requests with the Emergent Brethren community (btw…have a great time at Annual Conference….have some great conversation at the Emergent discussion…wish I could join it). If you want to be on the Veritas prayer list…please drop me a note.

1. Purple Door Arts and Music Festival: Every August at Ski Roundtop a great music festival is held that brings the best alternative music, great speakers, and art in all forms. The Purple Door Arts and Music Festival takes place August 14-15. We thought it would be a great place to promote Veritas. So we sent out a registration form and a deposit for a booth, and this weekend heard that we were accepted. So Praise God. We’ll have a booth where we’ll be giving out literature about Veritas, a CD with original music from various people within our Community, Coffee Mugs, chocolate, and other random stuff. Pray that God would bring people by the booth, that we would have great conversation with people, and that many will check out the booth, and Veritas as well. Praise God for the opportunity to be involved at Purple Door.

2. English Presbyterian Church: It is now official. We will be officially meeting at English Presbyterian Church in Marietta for our Sunday gatherings (10:45-12:45) starting on September 13. Pray that this relationship would be a blessing to both parties involved, that we can bless English Pres by our presence, and that God would be honored/glorified by this arrangement. Praise that this part of the details in planting Veritas is officially done.

3. Core Group Development: We have been having lots of people over for dinner and dessert the last few weeks…and its been fun…my wife is an amazing woman. Anyway….we had a great meeting with Chris and Carmella Tress and look forward to having them check out our Core Group sometime in the near future. Also on Saturday we met with Tobias and Amanda and will be looking forward to having them check out our Core Group this coming week. I am excited about these two couples and what God is doing in their lives, and what they can offer to Veritas and the Kingdom. Pray that they would connect with others in our community and that they would feel God’s call to join Veritas. Pray for our Core Group nights on Sunday nights as we worship, pray, study, and share together.

4. Finances: Our Finances are coming together slowly but surely. This weekend Lampeter COB sent a check for praise God for that. We are also going to be sending out support letters in the very near future. Pray that God would take care of the finances that we need, that the letters would be well received, and that God would bless those who receive the letters. Pray for wisdom and discernment when it comes to finances.

5. Job: Continue to pray for me as I seek to find a part-time job (I really haven’t done any looking but will be in July). Pray that I would find one that would connect with what I am doing with Veritas. Pray for a flexible job. I truly believe that we can make it work by being part-time Church Planter/part time other. (Instead of part time planter/full time other…which is good). Pray that God would guide me to the right one.

6. Missional Opportunities: Pray for us as we work on some outreach events including a FREE Car Wash (Saturday’s was a wash out…God washed everyones cars…) and a Block Party on August 29. Pray that we can connect with people, share the love of Jesus in real and practical ways, and pray that we can also share a little bit about the mission, vision, and dreams of Veritas.

Thanks so much for your prayers and friendship..they mean the world to me….