Over the last year or so when reading various books about postmodernity, the culture, etc.. I kept bumping into a Philosopher/Writer name Soren Kierkegaard. When I found quotes by him, I really really liked them, underlined them, and shared with others his quotes. But I had never read anything by him so I decided to find out where the quotes that I had really liked came from. I found out that most came from a book entitled “Attack upon Christendom.” So I went to my local library, found they had a copy and picked it up. Now I am not that far into it, and it is slow going, heady, and wordy…but worth the effort.

Here are just a few quotes that have stood out to me.

Translator: “Certainly the notion of ‘Christendom’, ‘a Christian world’, ‘Christian lands,’ under ‘Christian rulers,’ is now more problematical than it was a century ago when S.K. wrote.”

“So then sermons should not be preached in churches but in the street, in the midst of life, of the reality of daily life, weekday life.”

“Verily there is that which is more contrary to Christianity, and to the very nature of Christianity, than any heresy, any schism, more contrary than all heresies and all schisms combined and that is to play Christianity. But precisely in the very same sense that the child plays soldier, it is playing Christianity to take away the danger(witness and danger correspond) and in place of this to introduce power (to be a danger for others) worldly goods, advantages, luxuriously enjoyment of the most exquisite refinements.”

So that is only the beginning of this book. Over the next few days I will post more about Attack Upon Christendom, but also on two other books that I have read or am reading. The two books are Advent Conspiracy (will do a post on Amazon.com for this book) and The Justice Project (an Ooze Viral Blogger book).