I love hearing about church planters and what they’re accomplishing! This, is in part, why I love to see what Ryan Braught writes (see previous post). Through the years, I’ve followed difference conferences to see what they offer for church planters. One of the best conferences is Exponential, which was recently held.

I got an email from Exponential, offering free resources. In case you’re interested in church planting, I want to pass this offer on to you!

Exponential 2010 – Podcast and Blog Posts
We had an amazing experience with over 3,400 church planting leaders gathered together for Exponential 2010 in Orlando! Over 90% of this year’s attendees said they’d attend again and were pleased with the overall conference experience, speakers, and main sessions. Whether you attended or not, we’ve made over 50 hours of teaching / training from the conference available via the Exponential Podcast. Click here to subscribe via iTunes. Click here for a comprehensive compilation (over 90 pages) of blog posts highlighting various speakers at Exponential 2010.

Whether or not you’re interested in church planting, I hope these resources are an inspiration to you!

Blessings to you!