How do you use technology in your church? Last year at Annual Conference, I presented an insight session looking at how we can use multi-media in the worship service. We had a lot of people present, some who were still exploring the idea of using multi-media and others who are very good at using it.

I like to pass-on good ideas or information when I see it. Today, from at email from Leadership Network, I learned about this article called, Technology and the Church. It’s an interview with Bobby Gruenewald. In the article, I learned about a website called, YouVersion. At this website, you can type in a Bible text that you are studying, and it will give you quotes from books or what other people have commented about the text in their blog site. I think this would definitely be helpful for sermon prep to help stimulate your thinking with some other ideas.

Something else to explore from this article is the website Here, you can find lots of free resources that might be helpful to your ministry.

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