At Community of Joy, we really want to be a place where relationships matter…. so when we renovated a church into a ministry center in a great diverse neighborhood, we set out to meet the neighbors.   Yesterday, Sept. 23, we held a Pork Roast after our worship gathering for the neighbors.  We went door to door in a two block radius of our building two weeks ago and handed out or left invitations to the festivities… the invite also included worship.   We also put out a large lighted sign inviting the neighborhood.   Everything was free… we also challenged our folks to invite 3 people to come.  I am happy to say that we doubled our normal worship attendance yesterday and had neighbors coming from all directions…. don’t know how many came… I would venture to say aroudn 150 – 200 in all….check out my blog for more info and pics….   There was no agenda other than saying we are happy to be here and we want to be a positive force in the hood.  What are others of you doing to engage your communities?