Greetings from South Central Indiana! Jeff asked me to share about a new service concept we’ve developed and are finally launching November 4, 2007, here at Grandview COB.

We’ve observed that with a blended service format, no one ever is very happy, yet congregations strongly resist two services for various reasons. We believe God has given us an inspired solution and are interested in connecting with others who may be on the same path.

Basically, the first third of the service is strictly traditional worship with responsive reading, hymns, etc. The second third is the sermon. The third third is the contemporary worship elements. Thus, those wanting a traditional service format attend the first 2/3 of the service. Those wanting a contemporary service format attend the second 2/3 of the service. Everyone is gathered together for the sermon, so they still feel like one body. We will have a transition with a count-down video and greeting one another before the sermon section. We will transition after the sermon with ministry time and some transitional songs/videos before moving into contemporary praise time. Anyone can stay for the whole service as well.

Children’s Sunday School and Children’s Church are moving into a format of 1/2 hour blocks so children can arrive or leave at transitional times. Adult Sunday School coordinates with the traditional 2/3. Weeknight small group meetings are offered for those attending the contemporary 2/3.

Offerings during both first and third worship times (finance loves us for this!). Church family events like baptism or baby dedication will take place during the middle sermon third.

We’re basically a traditional congregation that needs to grow. We’re very excited about the possibilities. We’re convinced God hasn’t given this idea to just us though, and would love to hear from others who may be doing something similar.


Lisa G. Yoder