Yesterday, my church had a prayer meeting for the fire situation in California. One news report this morning said that more people have been evacuated in Southern California than those evacuated for Katrina. I don’t know if that is true, but over 500,000 evacuees is the largest number ever in California history. The fires this week have been much worse than those of 4 years ago.

I was asked to create 4 prayer experiences for the prayer service today. It was a short-notice affair. I’m sending them on to you, in case you would like to add your prayers to those of others in the midst of this tragedy.

I created 4 stations: one each for those who have been displaced (victims.doc & fire prayer requests.doc), emergency personnel (firefighters.doc), our own feelings and emotions (our feelings.doc), and an offering table (our response.doc).

After I printed out the prayer requests, I burned the edges of the paper to make it look like the requests came right out of the fire.

I’ve also attached some pictures to give you an idea of my set-up. After I took the picture of the offering station, we added some small material items (bottle of water, tooth brush, tooth paste, kleenex, etc.) to symbolize one way we are giving.

If you use these ideas, or modify them, please let me know!

Blessings to you,

Prayer Station Signs

Pictures of the Prayer Stations