Brian McLaren is on a nation-wide tour this year and next promoting and talking about his new book, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis, and a Revolution of Hope. Here in the Pacific Southwest District, we are organizing a group to hear him when he speaks in San Diego next March.

One thought has been on my mind the past few days. . . there are lots of people who drop-in on this site and some who write on the site. Would you be interested if I set-up one page on this site that would focus on blogging on a particular book?

Martin mentioned that he’s reading the above mentioned book. I need to read the book. Others in the PSWD will be reading the book for Brian’s appearance in San Diego. It might be interesting if we read the book together and posted comments on a new page for this site. If it would be helpful, I could set-up a reading schedule, so that we would be more likely to post comments on the same book section. Or, we could just post comments without any organization.

What do you think? If a few of you post comments to this post and like the idea, I’ll be happy to set it up!

Jeff Glass