Hi everyone!

In November, I sent out a post asking if you would be interested in blogging on Brian McLaren’s new book, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis, and a Revolution of Hope. Many of you have responded in a positive way. So, a new page is being added to this site just for blogging on this book. First, you’ll see the heading for this new page at the top menu bar. Secondly, I attempted to create a new page that the link above goes to. The new page doesn’t allow us to blog, like the home page does. It only allows us to “Reply” to the original post. So, I’ve contact my web designer to create a new page that will allow us to blog in a better fashion (with headlines, etc.) This will be up and running in about a week.

I’ve organized a system for reading to help keep us on the “same page” so-to-speak (or at least the same section of the book). I’m looking forward to being in Brian’s Deep Shift conference in San Diego (March). Reading this book with you will be a helpful way of preparing. It will also be a very helpful way of processing the information with each other.

Meanwhile, if you are reading the book and have some comments to make, please reply to this current page. The comments will be transferred over to the new page when its completed.

Also, if this reading schedule doesn’t match-up with your schedule, don’t worry about it! Please contribute to the conversation. The more who respond, the more challenging, inspirational and fun this venture will be!!!

If this book blogging goes well, we’ll have to try another one afterwards!

Blessings to you,